Professional coaching

Professional coaching is a hugely inspiring process that maximises personal and professional potential. It is now-focused and future-focused. 

Coaching is a professional relationship that proactively helps people produce positive transformations in their personal lives, careers, relationships, businesses or organisations. It is particularly important in today’s fast-paced, volatile, uncertain and complex world. 

Coaching helps my clients bridge the gap between where they are now and where they really want to be. I partner with my clients to help them design and create the life and businesses they want. I bring out my clients’ own brilliance and resources, focusing on positive emotions and core strengths (I am an expert at identifying hidden talents and cognitive abilities), so that clients can achieve change, excellence and create purposeful, incredible lives.

I do not tell my clients what to do or give you advice. I respect my clients as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole.


Key benefits of coaching

Through powerful questioning techniques, lateral thinking outside the box, giving you space to think and feel, coaching focuses on helping the client discover answers for themselves. This has an empowering impact on the client. Coaching unlocks potential and enables:

  • Inspiration and motivation for people to maximise their potential and create and achieve positive outcomes and goals
  • Greater focus and being proactive accelerates clients’ progress by providing greater awareness of all the possibilities which exist to create fulfilling lives
  • Greater clarity and understanding by exploring any limiting beliefs and obstacles, identifying strengths, eliciting self-generated solutions and strategies, moving clients into ACTION
  • Increased self-awareness and new self-discovery helps clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their skills and unlocking their potential
  • More fulfilling and rewarding relationships by exploring what is holding you back from connecting with loved ones and colleagues
  • Better communication due to a better understanding of yourself and others


What coaching is and is not

Coaching is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy or counselling. Coaching is not counselling or therapy in disguise. It does not seek to resolve any underlying psychological problems. 

A life coach is designed to tap into your full potential in the present and in the future, rather than the distant past. The solutions to the client’s aims lie within the client. 

Coaching is client-led, positive, encouraging, non-judgmental and outcome-focused. The partnership between Coach and Client is based on authenticity, honesty, trust and confidentiality.

The INTERNATIONAL COACH FEDERATION is the world’s largest coaching federation and defines coaching as ‘partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximise their personal and professional potential’.


How I work

Our partnership will be deep and very powerful. I am your personal high performance coach. Your coaching will be structured where needed, flexible and 100% tailored to you.

I work via Skype and Zoom with clients all over the world. Skype is hugely efficient in terms of our valuable time together; it is immensely dynamic and productive.

I offer weekly and fortnightly coaching sessions. I also power coach face-to-face for 1/2 day, 1-day or 5-days.

My waiting list for weekly coaching sessions is approximately 10 working days long, occasionally sooner. I have reserved sessions for pre-coaching consultations. Within a couple of days of you contacting me, we will be talking about how you want your life and businesses to change.


What to do next

Call me or email me to book a complimentary 90 minute pre-coaching consultation to see how I can help you.

I am really looking forward to working with you.