Life Coaching

Are you living your best life? Are your ambitions becoming reality? Are you questioning your life purpose? Have you temporarily lost your passion or direction?  Which important goal or outcome do you really want to achieve? 

Life coaching empowers my clients to envision and create the life they want to live. My coaching process addresses specific personal projects and transitions in my client’s personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.

Growth mindset and choices

We know life is about making choices. Sometimes our choices appear huge, sometimes overwhelming, other times they seem small, possibly insignificant. But how do we know if our choices are good ones, until we have thoroughly explored and considered the options and the potential impact on our life?

Sometimes the smallest of changes we make to improve our basic physiological needs – our mental and physical wellness – can have the biggest impact on our mindset. Likewise, the tiniest shift in your mindset can have profound effects on your being and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Life coaching helps you access a growth mindset that will allow you to perform better.

When our mindset positively changes, it affects everything: our performance, our levels of fulfilment, our well-being, our relationships, our ability to make good decisions and our desire to achieve our dreams and goals.


Well-being and stress

Has your life been affected by stress?

Do you feel like you’re heading for burnout?

Have you been neglecting what your heart has been telling you for quite some time?

Could your health and fitness levels be better?

The single most contributory factor for stress, overwhelm, anxiety and unhappiness is burnout. Burnout is due to a lack of balance between meaningful work and pleasure. It is often because of not getting your own needs met, or work overload, or boredom in what you are doing, not being stretched, being over-stretched, having to balance finances, balancing relationships or the disappearance of your creativity (and your innate desire to create).

Do you feel in sync?


Creating balance and harmony in your life

If one area of your life is out of sync, it will impact other areas of your life, sometimes without you even realising it.

Life coaching helps create balance in your life, by honouring your strengths, talents and values, doing what you love, ensuring that all areas of your wheel of life are in sync, you can avoid low energy levels, burnout and unhappiness and achieve much greater levels of fulfilment and higher performance.

The coaching process

Whatever your reason or self-questioning, I will help connect your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action. Throughout the coaching process, we will be focusing on your well-being and energy levels in order to maintain high levels of performance.

You will gain clarity, feel empowered again, reenergised, identify direction and reset meaningful personal values and goals that align with your brain and heart. 

My coaching process addresses your specific personal transitions, projects, goals and direction in your personal life, however big or small, by

  1. Exploring in depth what is going on for you right now
  2. Finding clarity, understanding your style, what motivates you and who you are at the core
  3. Drawing on previous successes or failures
  4. Aligning to your values and beliefs
  5. Discovering what obstacles or challenges might be holding you back
  6. Setting SMART, meaningful, realistic yet challenging, measurable, time-related, step-by-step goals
  7. Choosing a course of action to make your life and work be what you really want it to be
  8. Evaluating, reviewing and checking in on your progress

If you are ready to make meaningful, proactive changes in your life, now, then call me for a complimentary 90-minutes pre-coaching consultation to see how I can help you.