Why do most of today’s successful business leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals use the services of a business coach? The answer is simple.

My clients work with me to up their game, get empowered and take their businesses, careers and personal lives to the next level.

The question is: are you ready to take your business to the next level? What are your challenges? What outcomes do you want? How are your personal and family relationships doing alongside running your business?

I coach in mindset, strategy, relationships and goal achievement. My coaching will challenge you, but it will reap rewards in multiple ways. My wide business experience includes empowering mindset, managing change and knowledge, managing people and relationships, process management and realising strategic and personal benefits.

I coach

  • Start-up business coaching (for entrepreneurs)
  • Executive coaching (for senior management)
  • Management coaching (for team leaders)
  • Staff coaching (for individual resilience, for teams)
  • Interview coaching (for potential employees)
  • High-profile projects

My coaching will help you

  • Clarify your reason and set your vision for change
  • Identify business and people benefits (financial, IT, HR, knowledge, time, communication, relationships)
  • Identify what benefits and outcomes you want before you invest in IT or Change, so that potential benefits are actually achieved
  • Consider external drivers, stakeholders, cultural and economic factors
  • Identify and measure the business value of change
  • Improve staff resilience and well-being
  • Identify any barriers or blind spots to achieving success
  • Map a clear strategic path to bridge the gap from where you are now to your vision of where you want to be
  • Feel less isolated, having a coach to motivate you, champion you, challenge you and check in with

Is Coaching Right for You?

To determine whether you or your company could benefit from my coaching, we start with a pre-coaching consultation. What is really going on here? What do you want to accomplish in coaching? What haven’t you considered? What is your timeframe? Then we create a structured process. When you or your business has a fairly clear idea of the desired outcome, our coaching partnership will be a powerful tool for developing a strategy for how to achieve that outcome with greater ease. If your idea is unclear, or in the initial stages, coaching will bring about clarity, identify possibilities you had not considered.

  • Is something urgent or exciting is at stake (a challenge, high-profile project or opportunity)?
  • Is there a gap in knowledge, skills, people, confidence or resources?
  • Are relationships strained?
  • Is there a lack of clarity with choices to be made and their potential outcomes?
  • Is everyone on the same page?
  • Has success started to become a problem?
  • Is work and life out of balance, creating unwanted consequences?
  • Do you need to identify core strengths and hidden talents, along with how best to leverage them? 

Our coaching is a partnership. Are you ready to devote the time and the energy to making the much needed changes you are striving for? If the answer is yes, then coaching with me will inspire you, help you grow, create and achieve.