These are some of the major areas I have helped my clients design and create change, achieving incredible outcomes:

Personal growth and ContributionGreater self-esteem. Increased self-confidence. Improved self-belief. Greater self-awareness: knowing yourself and others better. Bringing creativity back into your life. Better time management for personal fun. Increased emotional intelligence and empathy. Planning a meaningful sabbatical. Volunteering in big community projects. Leading expert in managing dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger & giftedness.   
Business, Careers and WorkIncreased business growth and profitability. Clarifying visions. Strategy and goal setting. Business diversification. Sale of company. New career path. Business start ups. Doing more meaningful work. Book writing to further your career & business growth.
Emotional and Physical well-beingAvoiding overwhelm at work. Healthy work-life balance. Managing stress. Health and exercise regime to increase energy levels and performance. Avoiding burnout. Recovering & excelling from burnout. Mindfulness for stress and pain. Managing perfectionism and self-sabotage. Dealing with fear of failure. Handling fear of success. 
Life stages and IdentityTransitioning to next stage of life. Quarter life crisis. Midlife crisis. First time parents. Motherhood. Fatherhood. Planning for retirement. Understanding personal identity. 
People, Relationships and Love Deeper and more rewarding relationships with family members. Improved work colleague relationships. Better communication. Happier relations with partner/spouse. Going through divorce. Avoiding divorce. Finding love again. 
LifestyleMobile lifestyle. Expats relocating abroad. Expats returning to home country.
Happiness, Passion and PurposeRediscovering your passion. Identifying your life purpose. Finding out what makes you happy. What is happiness? Existential questions. 
Family lifeParent relationships with children. Adult children. Creating more harmony at home. Strategies to help with behavioural problems. Understanding and managing learning difficulties. Raising gifted children.