Carolina is extremely professional and an excellent listener whose organisation and attention to detail are in themselves motivating. Her experience and knowledge of other professions adds to the depth and sensitivity of her coaching.

James | CEO.


From the very first moment I spoke to Carolina, I knew she was the woman to coach me through my need to improve my work and home life balance. She listens carefully and provides a safe environment to air my concerns. She empowered me beyond all belief and her confidence in me enabled me to turn my life around and achieve the balance I knew I needed to address and change for years. Thanks so much Carolina!

Geoff | CEO FTSE 100.


Working with Carolina has been a really rewarding and transformative process. Her beautiful, loving fun personality really helped me feel at ease in our coaching sessions. She has a deep understanding of her work and has gently guided me through some tough business decisions and some extremely frightening, emotional family problems. Carolina is extremely empathic and real joy to work with. I feel I can tell her anything and very proud to call her my coach.

Hayley | Entrepreneur. 


I felt a real affinity with Carolina from the first time we talked. I was confident to work with her as I felt she would very much understand my background, lifestyle and challenges. I found her very professional and supportive. My sessions with Carolina really helped me to become clear on what on what I wanted and needed at this time. I was also able to bring a variety of topics and experiences as they occurred in my life and resolve or better understand them, so that I could move on with the coaching related objectives.

With Carolina you’ll be heard with empathy, supported and if you want (as I did) be kept on track and held accountable. I am now exactly where I am supposed to be and I am very grateful for Carolina’s support in getting here. I have really enjoyed the experience and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Charlotte | Marketing Director FTSE 100.


I wasn’t sure about life coaching initially, but I was at a point of indecision and stress in my life and thought it would be worth the experiment to chat to Carolina. I was initially nervous and felt like I rambled on a bit too much but Carolina was a fantastic listener, with a great ability to guide me and bring me back gently to the subject under discussion. She is very warm-hearted and very encouraging throughout the sessions. The structure was good and we set the pace together. The exercises we worked on were well thought out and really helped me dig even deeper. She helped me uncover some hidden truths that altered the way I saw my situation – I was struggling with indecision and some angst about quitting a job and starting a new life. I gained a lot of clarity from the sessions and even now, some months on I am finding that the meaningful talks we had keep bubbling up and presenting themselves for my consideration. Thanks Carolina!

Jane | Director of Occupational Therapy. 


Carolina coached me through the start up of my company. She is wise and experienced. I cannot speak highly enough about her. My confidence soared through the roof from the very first coaching session I had with her. She has empowered me to get my business off the ground within months of having my first idea. You are a star Carolina. Thank you!

Paul | Company Director | Designer.



I came to Carolina for coaching and mentoring for a book I wanted to write. I had been trying to get it off the ground for the last four years. Her energy and compassion is contagious, and I am nearing completion of my first draft. I cannot thank you enough!

Susan | Author.


Carolina is a beautiful coach to work with, not only is she a great listener, warm and generous with her time, she also helps you assert yourself and take daily action in order to complete your goals. I was in a very stuck position when I met Carolina but now am most definitely unstuck and taking on the whole world! She helped me reveal my creativity and also discover that able to be successful in all areas of my life. Carolina helped me so much. We focused on myself gaining clarity around my work and creativity. Carolina helped me focus, listened to me which then helped me find clarity, she asked me specific questions which opened areas up for me. Carolina would ask me how something would feel for me when she could see I got excited about an idea or felt positive. It helped me so much in recognising that I was worth it, that taking some time out to figure out my next step was so important for me and my life. Carolina helped me reveal the truth in my soul and what I really want to do. I truly feel there has been a profound change in me on the inside, where I now feel that I deserve to be creatively happy and start taking action based on that. I am so grateful for Carolina and her weekly tasks, her listening ear and her conviction in helping stay on the right track for my life. Thank you Carolina you are a gift to me and you will be to many others too!

Natasha | CEO & Company Director.


I found Carolina’s mentoring support to be just what I needed at a very challenging time; I could not recommend her highly enough!

My dyslexia was diagnosed at 42 years old, as I struggled to complete my Master’s dissertation, whilst maintaining everything else!  I found Carolina’s acceptance; her encouragement, willingness to listen, positive attitude and pragmatic approach to be just what I needed.

Carolina helped me to regain and maintain my focus, at what had become a very stressful time.  This meant I could continue to move forward with the task at hand.  Her constant enthusiasm and belief in me were key to me recovering the confidence that I could do it!

Thanks Carolina, you are an inspiration!

Andrew | Senior Social Worker | Masters Degree – distinction.


Working with Carolina has been incredible. She is a wise and experienced coach. I felt different emotions- some of them new, some of them uncomfortable, all of them with positive outcomes. I am feeling so much better about myself and my commitment and capacity to change. Within 4 months, the relationship with my wife has completely turned around for the better. We have begun a new life together and a new career direction for me that fits in around our family life. I now feel like my life has turned a corner into a new place where a brighter future is happening.

James | Entrepreneur.


When I started coaching with Carolina, I was at an all time low in my career. I was worried that I was too old to change careers, with family and financial responsibilities and two kids at university. She helped me find my passion again. I have now changed my career, and I am doing a job I love. In fact, it is my dream job. You are a big inspiration Carolina!

Nick | Managing Director of Team Building Events.


Carolina’s knowledge and empathy is evident from all angles. She is a role model for parents who want to preserve confidence and self-esteem in their children.

Martin and Sarah and daughter | aged 11.


Little did I know when I googled ‘Life Coach’ and clicked on to Carolina’s website I was about to make the biggest and best change of my life. I was about to get divorced, stuck in a rut, I was stressed in my career, and I wasn’t taking care of myself. Three months later my world could not seem a more different place. I have regained my confidence, I am no longer stressed in my job, in fact, I am loving my career again. I have more energy, I work out twice a week and have built up my social life too. Thank you Carolina!

Mike | Accountant.


Carolina’s delightful and positive approach focused on identifying our son’s strengths and recommending teaching strategies for his school. She provides a reassuring presence for beleaguered parents.

John and Lisa and son | aged 7.


Carolina coached and mentored me through my Masters in Archaeology. I got a distinction!!! A very tall order, as I hadn’t even started my final thesis and had only four months to do it in. Carolina had been recommended to me by a friend, and I really didn’t think it was possible to achieve what I did in such a short amount of time. It was hard work, but Carolina motivated me in ways I didn’t think were possible. I came to her with low self-belief and ended on an all time high. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.

Elizabeth | Masters Student in Archaeology – distinction.


Carolina has been very supportive throughout our journey of identifying our son’s learning issues.  This includes underachieving and executive functioning issues. We have been hard pushed to understand how this should be managed.  Carolina has suggested strategies for home, and has helped us to understand how we should work with the school and teachers that are involved in our sons daily & school environment. Carolina is thorough, professional and can communicate in ways that parents can understand. She is able to pull from a wealth of resources and information. We really appreciate all the support she has offered to us and we are now seeing positive results at home and school. We are more confident in being able to manage our little boy appropriately and with less stress.

Alexandra and Carl and son | aged 7.


As an author, teacher and lecturer, Carolina commands expert, cutting edge knowledge in her field. We are delighted with the invaluable input which she has now been providing for a considerable number of years to our Secondary PGCE course. Carolina’s sessions are rich and authoritative, drawing upon a huge body of research. She complements theory with an amazing array of classroom strategies and activities. Her examples of techniques for use in Modern Foreign Languages have been a particular bonus for us. Carolina’s sessions are highly interactive. She forms an easy, instant rapport with her audience, keeping the students engaged and spellbound throughout her sessions.  She has also followed up by e-mail to provide materials and suggestions in response to trainee teachers’ questions. Her input is truly outstanding and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sylvia | Head of Secondary PGCE, Kingston University.


As expats living in Holland, we were delighted that Carolina was prepared to travel to the Netherlands to give us a seminar on “How children with specific learning difficulties learn best”. Carolina carefully put together a seminar to cover the most important aspects. Considering the target audience was an equal mix of parents and teachers, covering all age ranges, this was quite a challenge, but Carolina dealt with this masterfully. Her expertise and years of experience in this specialised field enabled her to deliver a riveting talk which was equally informative to all those attending.

The talk covered topics such as self- esteem and how children regard themselves, the importance of  Educational Assessments and using the recommendations to set achievable targets,  different learning styles and looking to pupils’ strengths. Carolina also gave many practical examples of how children can be supported both in the classroom and at  home. Finally, it was stressed how important it is for children to experience and achieve success frequently. Because the talk covered so many other areas too, that I haven’t mentioned here, we were all very grateful to receive handouts with excellent notes on what had been discussed. A very useful aide memoir.

All in all, a wonderful, informative and inspiring evening. Thank you so much.

Debra | Parent of two children with dyslexia and Coordinator for Dyslexia Parent Support Group in The Hague, Netherlands.