Are you looking for a qualified expert in dyslexia who can help you to draw out your extraordinary brilliance and support you in achieving your goals?

I have 20 years’ experience in coaching high achieving, high performing adults who have may have dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Asperger and many other wonderful, creative abilities.

I am a qualified IQ cognitive assessor, specialist teacher and lecturer, with many years of SpLD, talent and giftedness training. I can guide you to increase business growth, identify new directions, work out your career path, adopt strategies and positive mindset to move forward and achieve change and personal growth.

You know better than anyone the incredible talents you have.

  • You are a high achiever. You may even be a perfectionist (see below)
  • You are ambitious and strive for success in all that you do
  • You have vision
  • You have leadership qualities
  • You have intuition
  • You are an holistic, big picture thinker
  • You have excellent visual perception. You can ‘see’ things quickly, sometimes in 3D
  • You prefer hands-on experience, demonstrations, experimentation, observation and visual stimuli
  • You are highly creative
  • You have high emotional intelligence
  • Your long-term memory is amazing
  • You are able to think right out the box
  • You are determined, persistent and put in huge amounts of effort in all that you do. You don’t give up
  • You may be an expert in your field
  • You are wonderfully curious
  • You are empathic
  • You have brilliant ideas
  • You can manage many different tasks simultaneously
  • You have energy and you are generally positive and upbeat
  • You may have good organisational skills

With your amazing talents and strengths, may come some typical challenges. In your working environment, there may be challenges that drag you down, or bore you. You may feel fed up with having to prove yourself or not getting that promotion or not actioning your business ideas.

I work with Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business Executives, Business owners, Scientists, Researchers, Authors, Architects, Creatives, Designers, Engineers, Artisans, Interior Designers, Actors, Musicians, Teachers, Headteachers, Police, Members of Parliament, Athletes, Doctors, Nurses, Counsellors – and many other fields of industry.

Whether you want business growth, clarity in your personal life, career direction, or want to tackle any blind spots or get unstuck from achieving meaningful goals, I can help you.

Please contact me to book a complimentary 90 minute pre-coaching consultation to see how I can support you.

I am really looking forward to working with you.