A very warm welcome to you! I’m Carolina Frohlich, Personal Coach to High Achievers.

I coach successful Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Creatives to achieve exciting next level personal and professional goals. 


I’m a professional life coach, entrepreneur and award-winning author, with twenty years’ experience in coaching successful high performers to achieve and live to their absolute personal best. I have been coaching and mentoring as a business consultant in the corporate world and in public enterprise. I am also a well-known specialist in careers, education and lifestyle. 

I love working with high achievers, because I know what it is to be a high performer. I also know what the associated high performing challenges are. No matter how successful we are in our professional or private lives, sometimes we just get stuck. I have been there, I have figured it out, and that’s what makes me a great coach. 

Coaching is at the very heart of my life. I love my work and you will feel that energy and enthusiasm. I am excited by my clients’ ambitions and drive. My own successful experiences of being regularly coached and mentored since twenty years, at key moments of my life, where I wanted to seriously raise my game and achieve big goals, inspired me to coach others. 

I am an expert in self-actualisation, drive, mindset, self-empowerment, passion, high self-esteem, business growth, marketing, positive psychology, health and wellness, motivation, hidden talent, dyslexia, ADHD, burnout, resilience, courage, living your purpose, lifestyle, writing, expats living abroad, Mindfulness and family life.

Born in London and schooled in the UK and Spain, I have worked and lived in several countries. I am a soulful, family woman, balancing my successful career with raising an incredible family. I am the immensely proud parent of two inspiring grown adult children, a daughter and a son who are highly motivated and both pursuing their life dreams. Of course, there have been glitches and big life events along the way, with challenging times. The tough times have brought wisdom, determination, experience and empathic understanding. I have dug deep with an enquiring mind and a driving passion to overcome them and to live my life of purpose, be an example to my family and live the lifestyle we want. 

Working with me

The power of the work I do is evident from the offset.

I work via Skype with clients all over the world. Skype is hugely efficient in terms of your valuable time and is immensely dynamic and productive. I also work face-to-face should you prefer. My coaching is structured and empowering. I support you with emails in between our coaching sessions.

As your coach, I will save you precious time, energy and money, so you can achieve your desired results easier, faster and more authentically. But more importantly, you will gain real insight, digging deeper into who you really are, what you really want, and through that process, gain greater self-awareness and methods of communication.

I can help you see what you’re missing and identify any blind spots. You will gain greater clarity about your goals, motivations and actions. I will guide you to map out your visions & goals, to get the results you want and encourage you in being very present in your life.

As your mentor, I have successfully consulted and mentored in the following industries: banking, finance, accountancy, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, health & wellness, Information Technology, property market, education, careers, PR & marketing, advertising, the arts and author publishing.

What to do next

Call me or email me to set up a complimentary 90 minute pre-coaching discussion to see how I can help you. 


No matter what your ambitions or obstacles are, you already know you have the power to make incredible changes in your life. I wish you excellence on your coaching journey, and I really look forward to working with you.


Personal Coach for High Achievers

BA HONS Business (1ST) | PGCE | CCET British Psychological Society | MA & OCR SpLD | Dip Ling | Cert. Mindfulness for Health and Stress